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How Your Plan Works


  • We require a one month sign up for all new clients.
  • Once you’re signed up and subscribed, we will email your credentials to access our Help Desk
  • From your Help Desk portal, you can submit support tickets or you can email the request directly to: helpdesk@vetsweb.us 
  • Each support request is a 15 minute minimum deduction from your maintenance plan hours. You will receive an itemized detail for all services provided on your account each month.
  • What if you don’t use your allotted hours in a month? Unused hours will roll-over to the next month and will be available for future tickets. All hours must be used in the same calendar year.  Unused hours will not roll over into a new calendar year.
  • What if you go over the allotted hours in a month? Any additional hours used in a month will be billed at our standard hourly rate and invoiced after the completion of service. These invoices are due upon receipt and may be subject to auto-billing.
  • After the initial month, your maintenance plan subscription will become month-to-month and you may cancel at any time. We do not offer prorations or refunds on unused hours.