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New Year, New Website

New Year, New Website

Updating your website is essential to the success of your website and in many cases your business. Many experts will tell you to update your website every 2 to 3 years. However, how often you update your website depends on how well your site performs across a variety of metrics.

Those metrics being are:

  • Too few leads – If your website isn’t generating leads to your products or services it’s time to fix that.
  • Traffic but no conversions – Your website needs an update if it generates traffic but no conversion, i.e a customer filling out a contact form or making a clicking the phone number on your site to call your business direct.
  • Outdated design – Those visiting your site will be less inclined to buy your products if your website looks out of date.
  • Not mobile friendly – People visit sites using multiple devices. Your website needs to load quickly and look nice on tablets and smartphones not just desktop devices.

Here are some benefits to updating your website for the New Year!

  1. Staying Current – Websites continue to change every year due to our technology constantly evolving. The capacity of our hardware and software has changed so drastically over the last few years, and it is likely it will keep changing at high speed. Updating your website to optimize performance and functionality across all devices and platforms is essential!
  2. Business Exposure – In today’s population it is expected that your business have some kind of web presence. A current, interactive presence for your company is needed online. Updated websites also get a better Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Websites that have undergone SEO updates have a better chance of getting found by the people who need you.
  3. Sales Opportunities – Having a new updated website creates a greater opportunity of people to find you. A solid inbound marketing setup will not only help you to bring interested people to your website, but also keep them there, and convert them into highly invested customers.
  4. People Buying – An updated website helps you keep up with how people buy. A fun fact: 57% of the purchase decision is complete before a customer calls a supplier.Your online presence should meet the needs of a customer, and present them with information relevant to where they’re at in the decision-making process.
  5. Stimulate Growth – The growth of your business is limited by the capabilities of your website. An updated website will get you more business, expanding your reach and converting them to leads and customers. Incorporating an inbound marketing strategy into your updated website will not only allow you to reach more people, but also capture their attention.

Updating your website with quality content helps attract and retain quality customers and decrease the percentage of bounce rate. A website with no content updates comes across nothing new to offer. Staying relevant in your market it key. When updating your website content your helping your website’s visibility to those who are searching for products or services your business offers. You are also keeping current subscribers updated, as well as provide necessary information for new visitors to convert to customers by frequently updating your website. This helps keep your audience engaged, you develop long-term loyalty, which translates into returning traffic that adds tremendous value to your website and business.

  • Google Search Engine – The most frequently used search engine is google. Google has tremendous influence on how websites are constructed. A site that is updated once a day, or at least two to three times a week, is considered a frequently updated site. The web crawlers are constantly searching for web pages that are new or updated and then adds the fresh content to the Google index. If you update your content often with reliable and valuable information, then you have a better chance of Google ranking your site higher with each update.
  • More Content, More Keywords – When you publish new content, you present more opportunities for your site to contain more keywords. Frequently added content, such as blog or article postings, allows you to optimize the article with keywords that can attract visitors to your site. Each time you add a new article, you incorporate valuable keywords that help a search engine recognize your website as a place searchers can visit for their specific needs.
  • Fresh Content Means Frequent Indexing – The more frequently you update your website with articles, downloads, and new web pages, the more frequently a search engine will stop by to visit your website. Search engines use web crawlers to scan the internet for websites.

Is your website needing a content or design update for the new year? Vetsweb can help you with updating your website design, as well as help you with frequent content updates. Our qualified design team has a proven track record of helping clients keep their website up to date and relevant for new and returning customers. Let vetsweb help you today!